Coming Attractions

Several of my fellow writers have already begun discussing November and the insanity which is National Novel Writing Month. I admit, I look forward to November with that sort of child-like enthusiasm which should be reserved for such things as Christmas morning. Autumn has not yet surrendered to winter. The… Continue reading

Orphaned Stories – A Tale of Two Seers

It has happened to the best of us, some of us fifty times over. We start a story with the best of intentions, determined to see it through to completion until something – be it life or another project – derails us. I do not know how many fellow authors… Continue reading

The “Look” Challenge

Had been looking for an excuse to post a teaser from my current work in progress and Jessica Fortunato has provided one for me. 😉 The only reason it has not been gracing my Works in Progress blog is that I am penning my submission for a short story anthology… Continue reading

The Hills and Valleys – My Post on World Suicide Prevention Day

It took a lot of deliberating before I decided to follow through with this post. Today, as many of you know, is World Suicide Prevention Day, which is just as sobering as it sounds. My dear friend Jessica Fortunato has an excellent post on the matter on her weblog, and… Continue reading