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Welcome back to our ongoing #NaNoWriMo series of interviews, featuring a few of the strange people taking part in this mad affair. As it stands, my next victim – the lovely Emma Kathryn – is two thousand words ahead of me in her word count tally. So, of course, I decided to distract her by sitting her down in the hot seat.

What? That isn’t cheating, right?

Welcome, Emma, or as I know you on Twitter, @GirlofGotham. It’s a pleasure to have another fellow Indie Rogue visiting my blog. Getting right to the first question…

1. How long have you been a writer?

I’ve always doodled and jotted down wee stories since I was tiny, but I’ve been writing “seriously” since I was 15 and have been publishing for the last 3 years.

That’s pretty exceptional, and you’ve had a lot to show for it.

2. Next question: What genre(s) do you normally write?

I originally wrote fantasy back when I was a teenager but horror seems to be my thing now.  The pieces I’m most pleased with tend to be a blend of the two.

The gothic and noir blend I’ve seen in your work is right up my alley as well.

3. What are your published works, and where could my readers find them?

I’ve published several short stories in various horror anthologies from Pill Hill Press, Static Movement and Wicked East Press.  However, I also have 2 short eBooks on Amazon.  “Puppets and Dolls” is a solo collection of gothic horror short stories which I published during summer.  And my first eBook, “Glitter and Trauma” is a dark fantasy novella, which is soon to become a comic book series.

I’m jealous that you’re getting to put one of your stories in comic format, but not so jealous that I’m not clamoring to get a copy. 😉

4. Now, if my readers wanted to talk to the really real you, where could they find you?

I’m most often found on Twitter (@GirlofGotham) but I also have a blog, where several “Glitter and Trauma” tie-in stories can be found

The concept of vampire bunnies suddenly has me very afraid. Now, let’s switch tracks to NaNoWriMo. My next few questions, of course, pertain to your project.

5. How many times have you participated?

This will be my 2nd “official” year.

Ah, so you’re a NaNoWhipperSnapper. *fetches my cane and narrows my eyes*

6. Using last year as your bellwether, is there anything you did this year to prepare?

I write to music, so I normally listen to as much music as possible in the weeks leading up to NaNo.  Anything that inspires me goes into a playlist.

Finally, someone who makes playlists too! Well, alright, I do understand getting caught up in the lyrics. I’m just fortunate to have a partner who stares at me oddly if I try to sing along while writing. 😉

7. I’m dying to know, now, what’s on your playlist for this year’s story.

Freaky, I didn’t even read this question before I answered the last one!  Anyway, this year’s playlist is currently 46 songs long and contains a mix of Halestorm, Emilie Autumn, Amanda Palmer and Shinedown.  I also added a few OOMPH! tracks this morning.  It’s gonna be big!

Mmm… Amanda Palmer. I love her music. And I promise I was not abusing my psychic abilities. Because I would never do such a thing. *whistles innocently*

8. Tell us more about this year’s project.

In September, I wrote a short story called “Glitter by Gaslight” which was a Steampunk version of my Glitter and Trauma story.  It featured the same characters but in a Victorian setting and I had a crazy amount of fun writing it.  So much so, that I decided that there was a wealth of material just waiting to be poured onto the page.  I can’t wait to start writing it and if anyone wants to get a feel for the project, they should check out the short on my blog or download “Glitter and Trauma” from Amazon.

9. And if my readers wanted to continue tracking your NaNoWriMo progress, where might they find you?

Excellent. Alright, Emma, one final thing I demand from the people I interview. Give me one of your favorite quotes.
“Chase the Morning…Yield for Nothing.”
– Repo! The Genetic Opera (Written by Terence Zdunich and Darren Smith)

Thanks once again for stopping by, Emma! And thank you, readers, for joining us. Tune in this weekend: I’ve interviewed authors, and I interviewed one of the voices in my head, but I’m going to present a rare treat to you. One of my fellow writers is going to let me interview one of the voices in their heads. Until then, be well, dear friends.

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