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On this last day of NaNoWriMo, where some of us are drooling in corners and others are downing lethal amounts of coffee to finish, I have my final “For Those About to NaNoWriMo” author interview to present. The lovely and engaging Miss Nicole Forst sat down with me a while back, and has since crossed into the Winner’s Circle. Congratulations, Nicole, and everyone else who managed to tackle the madness while emerging on the other side victorious.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.

So, without further ado, I bring you our chat and close this NaNoWriMo by saying… The madness has only just begun.


1. Welcome to my blog, Nicole. To get things started, tell us how long you’ve been a writer.

I’m not really sure. When I was helping my parents clean up their attic, I was going through my school stuff, and I found a lot of random stories/scripts etc. I also found a lot of notebooks when I used to play school. So I think there had always been an element of writing/reading throughout most of my life.

2. It seems like we all begin with overactive imaginations and blossom outward from there. What sort of genre(s) do you write?

c2acI guess in recent years, I started writing M/M because I wrote Torchwood fan fiction. I’ve got a couple ideas that involve m/m characters but I haven’t actually written anything. (They are starting to get antsy though. They keep trying to make themselves my NaNo novel this year but it’s not happening.) Previous NaNo’s seem to have fallen into that Young Adult range or the character was just out of college.  I’m trying a sci-fi/fantasty/time travelish story for NaNo.

3. Given how many of you all have written M/M, you have me extremely tempted to so… well, earlier than I had planned. So, you prefer the supernatural and like LGBT themes. Would you happen to have any published works?

No published works yet. I need to get over my fear of finishing a story (of any length) and send it out to publishers/editors

4. Yes, you do, and now that you know me, I promise I will hound you mercilessly. 😉
Alright, then, what are some of your favorite books?

try2Currently sitting atop my favorites lists is “Try Not to Breathe” by Jennifer R. Hubbard. It’s about a boy named Ryan, who tried to commit suicide and ends up going to a mental hospital. It’s about his summer after being released. While I’ve never had depression or anything like that, I do have anxiety and there were certain points in the book where any of the characters were having a panic attack moment, and I was like woah, damn I can completely relate to this feeling. (You should also know I recently met Jennifer at a book signing in the area. But that did not bias my thoughts about the book.)

But really, I’m an all around book loving gal. If it sounds interesting, I’ll probably give it a shot. Seriously, if you looked around my apartment, you really couldn’t pin what genre books I like reading. Actually you’d probably laugh and say I have a book problem.

5. I think a book problem is the best kind of problem to have. And considering you are such an interesting gal, tell my readers where they might sta… err… follow you.

My blog: Nicoles Life Adventures (

Twitter: (if you’re going to follow me, just give me a little @ reply saying how you found me, I get so many spam followers, that it’s hard for me to know what’s real and what I need to block and report. So basically just prove to me you’re human 🙂 )

6. Now, switching tracks to NaNoWriMo, how many times have you participated?

I’ve participated in NaNo since 2007 and I had participated in all of the Script Frenzy’s as well. I’ve never won, but the friends I’ve made at write-ins and the people I talk with online, are more important than 50,000 words. Though one year I do want to make it to 50,000 just to say I did it, take that inner editor.

7. Down with the inner editor! Well, until the first draft is finished, that is. What do you normally do to prepare for NaNoWriMo?

Right now, I’m kind of outlining in a rough rambling way. I have a couple bullet points, then sub points that I want to make with little bits and pieces of information I want to include. I usually start getting excited for NaNo once the website is relaunched in October. But I do keep a Google Doc of ideas I come up with earlier in the year, to see if I want to re-visit them for November or save them for another day. The ideas I come up with closer to NaNo are the ones I usually stick with because I have excitement for them.

8. Do you have a playlist for this year’s story?

ea_prisonerostI don’t think so. I don’t have songs that I HAVE to listen to while writing this particular story.  I have listened to my spotify playlist of random stuff before. I also listen to things like the Harry Potter Soundtracks or Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks because if I’m writing I like to sometimes listen to things that don’t have lyrics so I’m not distracted as much.

9. That confirms it, I am the bizarre one. Well, not that we did not know that before. But, I digress. Tell my readers more about this year’s project.

For NaNo I can be found I promise I don’t bite.

I think my idea is going to end up as some sort of crack!fic based on The Secret World of Alex Mack, The Matrix, and Doctor Who.

I’ve got a character who becomes obsessed with a chemical that her company is producing.  Something happens (think like Alex Mack getting the chemical spilled on her but not to that extent).  There’s some kidnapping, some bribing sex, evil corporation being evil, characters being connected to another world (a la The Matrix), and while they are connected they can time travel (Doctor Who).

Do I have any idea how this is going to work out? Nope, but it’s just cracktastic enough to keep my brain entertained.

Correction, now you have me tempted to write whatever it is crack!fic encompasses. Because that sounds like a lot of fun. Thank you once again for visiting, Nicole. Before you leave, please share one of your favorite quotes.

Ohh this is a toughy, but I would just say “Don’t take anything for granted.” Seriously, the past couple years, while overall had been good, I had some crappy things happen. Appreciate the small stuff, and I know it’s tough (well for me anyway) try not to let the little stuff bother you.


These author interviews have been a lot of fun. I want to thank everyone who volunteered and congratulate both the winners and the participants of this year’s NaNoWriMo. You all deserve a standing ovation for your efforts. As you can see, I have my winner’s badge now in the right column of my blog and will keep that up there to discipline myself. NaNoWriMo might be over, but there is still half of The Unquiet Dead waiting to be written.

Now that life resumes to normal, if you have a book you wish to promote, or want to be subjected to one of my infamous interviews, get in contact with me and I would be happy to arrange guest posts, interviews, giveaways, or anything else to help my fellow indie writers.

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