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530408_416977638370732_1061850363_nAs some of you might be aware, I was recently published in the Nocturnal Embers short story anthology, along with several other talented authors. One of these authors was Jessica Fortunato, whose Sin Collector series is a personal favorite (I belong to Team Olexander). She crafted the character Fiona, an exiled banshee with a score to settle in the story “Banished”, but who also seems to be fond of journaling.

We found a few of her entries and decided to share them with you.

San Francisco, CA

April 13
Well you finally ran out of pages. I’m forced to borrow stationary from Tony’s desk. What would the dignitaries think of me now, filling my sacred book with scrap paper? Everything has changed and there is no going back.  After thinking it over and facing rejection on every plane of existence, it seems that only the Fates themselves can help me now.  The Fates, how could I have not seen such an obvious answer?  I will find a Fate willing to help me create a new future.  With all I have lost, it seems only right that I’m allowed justice for myself and for Declan.  I’m going to need help, I hope Ethan is game.  I don’t think I could do this without my best friend.

April 22,
Ethan’s obnoxious ex-boyfriend made a snide comment about my hair today. He was markedly less rude once I’d broken his nose.  Tony threatened to kick me out if I engaged in any more fights.  I cannot help that it is a sore subject for me.  When banished from my plane, I was stripped of my Banshee duties.  The longer I was without my purpose the more my hair changed from the shimmering white of a Banshee and turned dark as a moonless night. With the help of Juniper, I’ve tried every hair product man makes.  Nothing will break the curse of this ebony hue.  I feel as though I’m losing myself.  Every morning I fearfully look in the mirror to see if my platinum eyes have become dark and muddy as well.  Ethan should be returning to Nocturnal Embers soon.  I will ask him to help me devise a plan.  I will see my sister burn suffer for her betrayal.

May 5
Ethan finally returned and I got the chance to fill him in on my plan.  He seemed hesitant at first (it does sound a bit far-fetched) but he was supportive.  He promised he would scout libraries for me on several planes.  We need all the information we can get on how Fates live and work if we are to find one.  Ethan seemed happy to help; I think it takes his mind off things.  He is also staying with me again. I’ll admit, I love having him nearby.  He is the best friend a an ex Banshee could ask for.

May 8
The memory of all three of my sisters ambushing me at Nocturnal Embers so many years ago has become a nightmare I relive every time I close my eyes. I wake up in a cold sweat, my blood boiling and my hands aching to be around Freya’s throat.  Sometimes I worry that wherever Declan’s spirit is, he is disappointed in me for thinking such things.  I cannot sit with those thoughts for too long though.  Declan is gone, lost to betrayal.  I know Ethan must hear my ragged breaths, as I am shocked into consciousness.  Luckily, he never brings it up.

May 15
Ethan has been gone three days.  He said scouting other planes for information could take weeks.  I miss his company and it’s making me cranky.  I almost got into another fight this afternoon.  On top of that, I could have sworn I saw a human snooping around outside of Nocturnal Embers.  I was afraid what would happen to him if I told Tony.  I didn’t see the human tonight, hopefully he wised up and left for good.  Nocturnal Embers is not the place for humans, hell it’s barely an acceptable place for monsters half the time!

June 3
Last night’s dreams were even worse. This time instead of the rage for my sister, I was forced to relive the moment I saw Declan’s body cold and still.  I woke up with a shriek, and wished that Ethan had been here.  He would have organized a night full of old movies and milkshakes to cheer me up.  Instead I created a cocoon of blankets and went back to sleep.  Tomorrow I am working a double shift.  At least my mind will be busy.

June 5
Ethan came back!

June 8
I won’t be writing for awhile.  I must seize this opportunity.  I will get my revenge.  I will turn my Mother’s palace to ash.
If anyone stumbles upon the contents of this Diary, you will know I failed.
In that event, please return it to:
Nocturnal Embers located in San Francisco.
Leave it in the care of Tony Marlin until it can be given to Ethan Siela, ex contract Demon, and best friend.

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