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If you follow me on social media, you might have been seeing me talk about this thing called Summerpalooza. This past year has opened up the opportunity for me to release two books a year, a first for me, but has also made me keenly aware of the pile of unfinished manuscripts I have sitting around.

The question is… which one to finish first?

In the effort to both answer that question and force my ass into gear, I came up with Summerpalooza, where I dedicate myself to finishing one while you help me decide which one to hop to next. I’ll be posting each installment both on my blog and Wattpad, with the exception of one special story to kick off my new Patreon page. And each weekday highlights a different story.

Here’s what you can expect:

Patreon Monday

man-couple-people-woman_smStory: Thick As Thieves (Action/Paranormal/Historical Fantasy)

His name was Jackson Phillips… or maybe it was Christopher Ryan. It depended on who you were and what he wanted from you. When vampire art thief Walter Krause came into your life, however, you could be assured two things: He would charm you into trusting him, and then leave with one of your most valuable possessions. Tracing the evolution of his life of crime, this story also reveals what happens when a charming businesswoman named Delilah Aevum becomes not just an accomplice, but a lover as well.

Supporting me on Patreon gives you access to this story. If you’re curious, you can read the first entry for free.

Action Tuesday

Shadox Fox Cover 1 copyStory: The Shadow Fox Chronicles (Action Adventure/Urban Fantasy)

Andy Lane is a regular human and blogger for the Philadelphia Inquirer, covering the philanthropic exploits of Philly’s new, out-and-proud vampire population. When there’s a string of suspicious murders, the media eye focuses on the immortal populace, but the mysterious disappearance of his roommate’s fiancee points to something much more diabolical. Andy goes in search of the truth, while his friend, Scott, races to find Melissa. As their worlds converge, however, the result could impact not just the duo, but shape the course of the entire city.

Wolfen Wednesday

GCW copyStory: Good Charlotte Walker (Paranormal Romance)

What starts as a one night stand turns into a messy entanglement for art student, Charlotte Walker, when a wolfen prince determines Charlotte was destined to be his mate. The political struggle which surrounds his people will put this to the challenge as enigmatic Corbyn Marchand protects Charlotte against the rivals who want him dead. The conflict which ensues will force them to figure out not just how to work together, but to make it to the end of a whirlwind month alive.

Risqué Thursday

Robin Cover copyStory: In the Den of Sirens (Paranormal Erotica) NSFW

Set over the course of his first seventy years as a vampire, the story of Michael O’Shane reveals both the immortal experience and the trials and tribulations of heartbreak. Traveling to St. Louis, Missouri in the 1950s, Michael seeks to reconcile the decades of his immortal life, starting a journey of self-exploration under the guidance of fellow vampire, Alphonse Pruitt. The lessons he learns at the hand of the skilled dominant promise to help put the pieces back together, but can Michael allow himself to be broken first before he figures out how to mend?


Story: Hand of Fate (Historical Fantasy/Action Adventure)
This story follows Julian, one of the characters from the book Rebirth of the Seer.

Years after his sister, Birgit, is sent to a special boarding school, Julian Reichlin learns the truth about his eccentric sibling. A talented sorceress, Birgit works for a secret organization called the Supernatural Order, and catching up with her also reveals a hidden calling Julian himself has unknowingly carried. When his psychic gifts come to light, he and his sister join forces, but the machinations of a dark magician named Jasper Ashcroft await the duo as they set out on their first mission.

The fun starts on Monday, so keep an eye out for updates as they’re posted.


P.S.: The cover art for The Shadow Fox Chronicles and Good Charlotte Walker are courtesy of Heather Watson, an amazing artist and a very dear friend.

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