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If you’re visiting my page today, this means you’re either one of my long-time fans, or you’re familiar with something called the Virtual Book Fair. For those of you not versed with the latter, make sure you visit their Facebook event page. There are prizes to be won and other authors to scope out!

That being said, without further ado…


Welcome, all, and thank you for visiting my humble abode on the web. My name is Peter Dawes and I’m the author behind Deathspell, a historical fantasy series which takes place during the Wars of the Roses. To introduce myself to you, I am a USA Today bestselling author, lover of coffee, occasional poet, and in my normal life, I volunteer with National Novel Writing Month as a Philly regional municipal liaison.

Deathspell, as I said, starts during a tumultuous time in England’s history, when two warring families – the Lancasters and Yorks – competed for the throne. While Christian Richardson isn’t directly affected by this, the conflicts still help to fill the purse of a mercenary. Especially one who’s particularly good at killing people, and comes equipped with a thief for a best friend. If only Christian’s aspirations ended with living the good life.

No, sadly, Christian also witnessed the death of his father when he was a much younger man. Set on the path of vengeance, Christian will discover the people behind Richard Hardi’s demise. When he does, however, it could cost him everything.

Both books in the Deathspell Series are only $2.99/each. You can find them on most major online retailers (check my Published Works page for those links), but if you’re especially fond of Kindles, here are their direct Amazon links:

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Hey, Look! It’s a Character Interview!

Now, if you’ve read this far, I’d like to pull up a chair and welcome Christian himself to the blog. Considering I talk all of the time about how much trouble the voices give me – being loud, ordering my drinks at Starbucks and all – I thought I would give one of them the chance to be interviewed. What do you think, Christian?

Christian: Well, I think regardless of my desire to be here, you’d find a way to drag me here anyway.

You’re so cooperative. I’m sure Paolo would agree. That being said… *reads from a list of questions* Alright, for starters, please tell us more about yourself.

Christian: Well, I am devastatingly handsome, cunning, and my services are far too expensive for you to afford.

I doubt my readers are going to need to hire a mercenary.

Christian: Who said anything about my services as a mercenary?

Good point. Could you maybe tell us something a little… well… less shallow about yourself?

Christian: Fine. I work with a group of rogues named the Brotherhood of the Black Rose, primarily as an assassin and occasional thief. (My dear friend, Paolo, handles the bulk of the thievery between us.) Beyond what hours work steals from me, one could say I have other pet projects.

Can you tell us more about them?

Christian: This is where you all in the modern era say, ‘I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.’ I’ll be nice and play along. When I was a youth, my father was killed violently in front of me. I have been in search of his killers ever since.

How has that gone for you?

Christian: It’s led to some interesting discoveries and challenges. And new reasons for the Church to potentially want my head on a pike. If you thought they were sore about men who have no compunction against bedding other men, you should see what they think about sorcerers.

These are interesting times you live in. Can you tell us more about them, and how they affect you?

Christian: Oh, you mean that little row over the crown? Honestly, it’s suited me just fine. Let the Lancasters and Yorks have their battles and hire people like me to do their dirty work. I don’t mind filling my purse with coin from either side.

How pragmatic of you. Well, thank you, Christian. If my readers want to learn more about you and the – shall I say unique messes you get yourself into? – I hope they enjoy reading Deathspell. Any parting words?

Christian: Yes. Always be kind to the brothel maidens. They make it worth your while when you pay well.

You’re incorrigible.

And you, kind visitor, thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoy the rest of the Book Fair!


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About Connor

Peter Dawes is the pen name of USA Today bestselling author of dark and historical fantasy, Connor Peterson. Local to the Philadelphia, PA area, Connor is the wordsmith behind the Vampire Flynn and Deathspell series and has also contributed to the story cycle Red Phone Box (published by Ghostwoods Books) and the anthology Nocturnal Embers (published by Crimson Melodies Publishing). He is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community, an active participant in the Philadelphia writing community, and volunteers as a municipal liaison for National Novel Writing Month. While Peter Dawes is also the name of the fictional protagonist of the Vampire Flynn books, Connor assures the reader he is not now, nor has he ever been a vampire. (Any similarities are purely coincidental.) You can follow him on Twitter (@peterdawes) and Facebook (@AuthorPeterDawes), where he actively avoids being on time for any of his publication deadlines.

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