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As some of you might have noticed, I’ve been making a more concerted effort to include more queer representation in my dark fantasy books lately. It’s not a new thing, per se — Robin O’Shane’s been bisexual since I first created him — but a lot of things stood in the way of me being more overt about it until recent years. (This is why it takes until Divided By Night for you to meet his boyfriend, Patrick.)

Caution has especially been thrown out the window with the bisexual main character of the Deathspell series, but now, I’ve upped the ante even further.

Ladies, Gents, and NB Folks, I present… Follow Him Home, now available for pre-order!

Cover by: Lyssa Dering

Is That a New Pseudonym?

Sure is! My Crimson Melodies partner-in-crime, J. R. Wesley, and I have teamed up as the driving force behind P. W. Davies. While this is my first novel for the P. W. Davies bibliography, we’ll both be releasing works under this pen name. (P = Peter; W = Wesley.) We wanted a home for our overtly romantic titles and decided, for our inaugural entry, to be a little saucy.

So, we created a little something called Alternate Worlds.

Alternate Worlds, You Say?

The characters in Follow Him Home are going to look really familiar if you read my books. That’s because Christian and Peter are characters from Deathspell and The Vampire Flynn, respectively. You haven’t met Victor yet. (He’s J.R.’s creation and will be in the sixth Flynn book, Reforged By Death.) But all three of them are getting a canonical makeover and being thrown into an alternate universe.

That’ll be the whole point of Alternate Worlds. It’s a place for us to take our existing characters and have a little fun with them. Each book will be a standalone novel and while some might have character overlap, each book will focus on a different series of relationships. Some of the characters, you haven’t met yet. What can we say, we got tired of sitting on all of these unique creations and wanted a new way of sharing them with you.

So What’s the Premise of Follow Him Home?

When a mysterious man walks into the emergency room, Dr. Peter Dawes could have never expected the turn his life was about to take. Drawn to the enigmatic Christian, he agrees to one date, but the more his former patient reveals about himself, the more Peter wonders if he should take a step away. When he’s introduced to Christian’s other lover, though – the more refined Victor – the charming man provides a counter-balance to Christian’s emotive intensity and adds another incentive to stay.

Secrets shroud the would-be lovers, but so does the potential of romance with not just one, but two men. Before long, Peter finds himself immersed within an unfamiliar world.

The kind a hitman might call home.

You Mentioned Pre-Ordering…

Look no further than THIS HANDY-DANDY LINK. (If for some reason, it doesn’t work, and you want to go directly to the Amazon US store, HERE’S ANOTHER HANDY-DANDY LINK.) This is definitely an 18+ book, has a happily-ever-after ending, and is a full-fledged M/M/M romantic suspense. There will be other P. W. Davies books penned by me in the coming year, but for now…

I have a sixth Flynn book to write.

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About Connor

Peter Dawes is the pen name of USA Today bestselling author of dark and historical fantasy, Connor Peterson. Local to the Philadelphia, PA area, Connor is the wordsmith behind the Vampire Flynn and Deathspell series and has also contributed to the story cycle Red Phone Box (published by Ghostwoods Books) and the anthology Nocturnal Embers (published by Crimson Melodies Publishing). He is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community, an active participant in the Philadelphia writing community, and volunteers as a municipal liaison for National Novel Writing Month. While Peter Dawes is also the name of the fictional protagonist of the Vampire Flynn books, Connor assures the reader he is not now, nor has he ever been a vampire. (Any similarities are purely coincidental.) You can follow him on Twitter (@peterdawes) and Facebook (@AuthorPeterDawes), where he actively avoids being on time for any of his publication deadlines.

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