Christian Richardson

Christian Richardson

Aliases: Christian of the Black
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Vital Details

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Creature Type: Human/Sorcerer

Birthdate: February 4, 1442
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Hometown: Devon, England

Parents: Richard and Matilda Hardi
Siblings: Jeffrey Richardson
Career(s): Mercenary, Assassin

Sorcery Proficiency: Elemental
Primary Element: Fire
Secondary Element: Air

Skills/Abilities: Trained Sword Skills, Adept with Throwing Daggers, Elemental Sorcery, Can Read and Speak in Several Languages, Acrobatic

Personality: While headstrong and often impulsive, Christian also has a hidden reserve of patience from which he can tap while on the job. His recklessness reflects his lack of respect for his own life, but he can be given over to sociopathic tendencies, manifesting in a lack of care for others.
Sometimes, however, Christian can care too much.

Favorite Color(s): Crimson, black
Favorite Food(s): Anything with apples

Allies: Paolo Bellini, Roland, Lucie Toulouse,
Eleanor Fiedler

Had I more faith in the Almighty, I might have been inspired toward a prayer of thanks… My adult years had taught me that God had little time for anyone without a bag full of coins or a parcel of land to his boast, and a few pence went further in the hand of a whore than a priest’s coffer. The day churches provided prostitutes would be the day I graced them with my presence.

The irony of my name was far from lost on me.

A History, in Brief

Born to Richard and “Tilly” Hardi, Christian has never known a stable home life. His father, a traveling merchant, kept his small family constantly on the road, venturing from one city to another in Medieval England to sell his wares. As such, Christian never even knew the town in which he was born.

A fever claimed his mother’s life when Christian was still a young boy. After his older brother, Jeffrey, left to pursue a more stable career, Christian latched onto his father as his remaining family, but when he was only fourteen, he lost his father as well. Witnessing the brutal murder of Richard, Christian ran from his father’s killers carrying only a small bag of possessions and two mysterious relics from his father. When he was hired by the Brotherhood of the Black Rose, at the youthful age of sixteen, Christian vowed revenge against his father’s killers.

He followed the path of an assassin and worked faithfully for several years, befriending the foreign thief, Paolo, in the process. While the two became lovers, Christian never stopped his philandering ways, though he never enjoyed the company of any other men besides Paolo. His dogged pursuit of his father’s killers led to him uncovering secrets Richard had taken to the grave; an entire life Richard never told his family about. Whether Richard was correct in doing so or not, it shaped the remainder of Christian’s life… and much of his afterlife.

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