The Vampire Flynn Series

As the moon rose over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 20, 1983, nobody could have known what was about to take place. Inside a coffee shop by Temple University Hospital, a meeting between a young resident doctor and a redheaded vixen would leave a night of bloodshed in its wake. Two people would be dead by the night’s end. Three when their killer ran into the waiting arms of a vampire.

Rather than being met with eternal condemnation, Dr. Peter Dawes would wake several days later as a new creature. No longer possessing a pulse and with sharp teeth itching for purchase on human skin, Peter’s first days as an immortal would blossom into years of decadent, sadistic killing. Exchanging the scalpel for a dagger and the scrubs for a suit, the man who once sought to heal would come to be known as the deadliest vampire ever to wield a sword. The covens referred to him as the Black Rose Assassin. To his maker Sabrina, he was known as Flynn.

Her instrument in an ambitious struggle to gain control of Philadelphia, Flynn amassed a collection of conquests. All the while, cloak and dagger secrets circled around him, speaking of second sight and a human destiny left behind upon his turning. It would take an immortal named Anthony, a mysterious pendant, and a human sorceress named Monica for Flynn to learn the truth behind his turning. And what resulted would send a shockwave from the City of Brotherly Love outward to the rest of the world.

Join Flynn on his journey from ruthless assassin to immortal seer. In a mission which takes him to Chicago, Seattle, and the darkest corners of the globe, a vampire will reconnect with his humanity and a villain will become a reluctant hero. Along the way, wicked immortals, unlikely allies, and a society of gifted humans called the Supernatural Order will test the mettle of the reformed killer.

In the end, a man divided will be forced to reconcile with his darkness, and two beings shall emerge from one.

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Artwork by Chuck Regan
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Michael O’Shane


Patrick Flynn

Monica Alexander

Julian Reichlin

Katerina Romanova

Lydia Dawes

John Michael Dawes

Jamie Dawes

Victor Mason

Evie Stanton

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