Blade of the Slayer

You really can’t ask for more than that in a vampire book. You have a believable vampire mythology, an interesting if not entirely sympathetic main character, awesome writing and lots of plot twists.
– The Mad Reviewer

Third Book of The Vampire Flynn Series
From USA Today Best Selling Author Peter Dawes

Formerly titled: Fate of the Seer

As the assassin named Flynn becomes the seer named Peter, the final leg of his journey begins to unfold. Pursuing the path of his kidnapped watcher, Peter is accompanied by an unlikely assistant as he discovers Ian had not been acting alone. The doorway to great power lies open before him. And it is his mission to destroy it once and for all.

While his foes continue dangling Monica before him, their leader, Valeria, snakes around Peter, intent on reminding him that he has not only been a pawn, but one out of his depth. And when Peter finally confronts the much older immortal, he realizes even his formidable powers might not stack up against the magical tricks Valeria has up her sleeve. It is a trial which pits his lingering killer instincts against his burgeoning humanity, with the life of a lover and a friend hanging in the balance.

Follow Peter across the globe, with allies both human and vampire along the way. Redemption stands as a prize left to be won should he succeed in his quest. But damnation’s tempting call could unravel the very fabric of the world should he fail.

“He is lying,” I said.

Both Robin and Zachary shifted to look at me as my interjection hung in the air between us. As my brother blinked, his thoughts crumbling into a disjointed mass of rubble, I allowed my focus to diminish past the smallest glimpse I had allowed myself into both minds. It had been enough to prove my suspicions. “I beg your pardon?” Zachary asked.

“Beg all you wish,” I said with a smirk, “But you are not fooling either of us.” My gaze found Robin’s, whose eyes had widened with my words. Offering the only apologetic look I felt apt to give for my intrusion, I rose to my feet and paced closer to the coven master, focusing on him exclusively. I reached up to slowly remove my sunglasses. “Now, please try again, this time with a measure of the truth.”

The curiosity in his eyes transformed into shock the moment I fully revealed my emerald irises. “You.” Malice laid heavy in the way he spat the word. Lowering his cigar back onto the ashtray, Zachary ascended to a stand as well. “Bodyguard to an elder? Which makes your brother a trai-”

No sooner had I slid my glasses back into my pocket than my hand shot up again, my mind producing one, clear message. ‘Shut the bloody hell up.’ The psychic force behind it compressed his windpipe enough to stop his speech. Zachary’s eyes widened with panic while mine narrowed. “If I were you, I would reconsider your definition of a traitor.”

I heard a sigh emanate from my brother. “I trust that was absolutely necessary, Peter,” he said, a subtle hint of irritation making its presence known in Robin’s voice. “I had hoped we might extract the information peaceably from him.”

A frown tugged at the corners of my mouth, my eyes remaining fixed on Zachary. “I might have indulged you if I thought he could be completely transparent.”

When Robin failed to answer, I took it as his implied consent to proceed. The vampire elder I held in my clutches regarded me with hate, the rest of his body frozen save but the hands balling into fists. I paced forward, my expression turning severe while my focus became much more deliberate. My mind began its slow insertion back into his thoughts, not needing to mask the effort now that we had shown our hand.

And yet, something hidden taunted at me, a confidence I had not experienced even while interrogating the vampires I had slaughtered the night before. I paused my steps. “You have one last chance to truthfully answer this question,” I said, “And should you provide anything less than a satisfactory answer, I promise you will not enjoy the result.

“Now, where will we find the scroll?”

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