Dark as the Grave

[This] is a vampire story at its core, but you can throw out all cliches. Flynn is a complex character, a man who’s both gritty and sleek, who’s been delivered into his new life by a delicious coven of classy, sophisticated, sharp-dressing blood drinkers in the city of Philadelphia. – Jodi McClure

First Book of The Vampire Flynn Series from USA Today Best Selling Author Peter Dawes

Formerly titled: Eyes of the Seer

Flynn is a killer of killers – an assassin who targets his own kind, and the perfect weapon in a world of warring immortal factions. But the sure-footed steps and quick hands that make him one of the deadliest vampires ever sired are attributes of a mortal destiny which haunts him even beyond death. When his other powers awaken, his cold-blooded nature is pitted against the shreds of his humanity that were never completely silenced. His maker would have him bloodthirsty and in her thrall, slaying their enemies to build a dark empire. A quixotic sorceress sees the pieces of his broken and shattered soul, and believes he can become the hero he was always meant to be. Until he knows which side of him will win, Flynn must walk a careful line of deception, because anything other than complete devotion to his maker will cost him his life.

It all started with a murder. Two victims lay dead at the hands of Peter Dawes, but what laid in wait for him was not the sound of sirens or the banging of a gavel. It would turn a doctor into a killer and a man into a monster.

Follow Peter as he exchanges his blood-stained clothing for tailored suits, his scalpel for fine-crafted daggers, and is reinvented as the newest vampire-child in a coven of decadent sophisticates. He even takes on the name ‘Flynn’ – a child of red – in honor of his new-found devilish side and to further distance himself from his human past.

For four years, Flynn embodies every bit the bloody immortal he was sired to become. Under the reign of his maker, Sabrina, he establishes a reputation as the most feared assassin to ever terrorize the covens of Philadelphia. But the surefooted-steps and quick hands that make him a virtuoso when it comes to killing humans and vampires alike are attributes of the mortal destiny which haunts him even beyond death. And despite all efforts, Peter’s humanity is not as dead as some would prefer.

On the verge of completing their vie for power, Sabrina’s ‘dark-killer’ will suddenly find himself wrestling his devotion to his mistress when an impish sorceress named Monica awakens the hidden powers he was destined to possess. In this world of macabre and shrewdly practical immortal beings, will Flynn’s supernatural gifts be used to orchestrate the wicked deeds of his maker? Or can the cold-blooded nature of a vampire be warmed by the compassion of a Seer?

“Immortality can be as much of a blessing as it is a curse.”

I scoffed. “I don’t see how it could be a curse. Everyone wants to live forever.”

“But not everyone can handle the burden of being something more than human, though.” She leaned forward in her chair, eyes taking hold of mine in an unrelenting grip. “Mortals long for death without realizing it. If you think the transient nature of life is tedious, then being a fixed point can be even more so. Do you think you could handle eternity, dear Peter? Would you accept it if I handed it to you?”

My voice turned queerly subdued. “If it meant life slowing down a little, then yes, I probably would.”

“You can’t have it all, though.” Sabrina turned her head askew to size me up. I felt her drift closer, provoking a shiver to run down my spine. “You want what you once had with your beloved, but her affections are fickle. They’ll change and shift and leave you feeling like this each time she drifts away from you. You need to ask yourself a question – what do you desire? Permanence or the fear of being cast away by such a capricious girl. After all, if you’ve been together for so long, and created so many dreams together, should she be so distant?”

“I don’t know.”

“What if I could grant you your heart’s desire? Here and now, on a silver platter. What if I could give you immortality? Would you ask me for it?”

The absurdity of her question failed to deter me. Whatever trance she had locked me into, I had fallen under her spell and found a hunger I did not even know I carried. “Yes, I would.”

“Then do it.”

My eyes drifted shut. “I want you to make me immortal, Sabrina.”

To say a shudder ran through me would understate the depth of its chill and how deep it afflicted me. I felt the marrow of my bones ache with longing, the skin on my neck prickling while the sensation of something passing through me forced my eyes open. My first glimpse of the world after making the request looked hazy and felt strange, like I had taken the first steps in ripping my soul in half. I had sold my soul to the devil, and as my hands trembled, I realized how little I minded that.

“Find your surety,” Sabrina had said, helping me to my feet. “Claim it for your own.”

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