Undone By Blood

The thing that amazes me about Dawes writing style is that it never gets lazy. He paints a vivid picture in your mind and never lets up whether it be describing some sexy bits (which I enjoyed immensely) or the intricate fight scenes.
– Amazon Reviewer

Fifth Book of The Vampire Flynn Series
From USA Today Best Selling Author Peter Dawes

As the identity of his newest antagonist is revealed, Peter discovers just how costly his decade in hiding has become. Europe is in shambles, with a puppetmaster directing the steps of both vampires and the Supernatural Order, and now, Peter stands as the only person who can resolve the conflict.

He could also be the very thing that tips it over the edge. As his loyalties are put to the test, he faces a temptation far greater than any he’s weathered, calling out to his dark side, Flynn. If Peter succumbs, Europe could fall into the enemy’s hands.

But if Peter stands strong, he could lose everything.

For a moment, I genuinely believed I might have pushed Robin over the edge. A pervasive silence settled between us, with my brother glaring, incredulous, and me unable to say much in defense of my actions. The struggle for coherent thought had become enough of a losing battle without fighting to stay upright, drained of blood and already weary from a confrontation with my maker. If someone had asked what I knew with certainty at that moment, I would have confessed I was going to black out.

The only thing I could do was hold off the inevitable.

Bloody droplets of sweat formed on my neck, coating my skin as I took breath after unsteady breath. Each second of consciousness I claimed cost me dearly, but I knew leaving my body to the mercy of whatever horde of vampires remained would be even worse. Robin kept me from toppling onto the basement floor while I faced the reality that I was not anywhere near fighting condition.

My eyes shut, but my feet held steady with his help. Inside my bones, I could feel the presence lying at my feet – the woman I had just given the eternal kiss to, and she was in just as much peril as me. “It would seem I turned my wife,” I said, finally answering the question Robin had posed. Even in that state I realized what a lackluster response I had given him.

‘Peter, you fool. What the hell have you done?’

He shifted his hold on me, leading me over to a wall. Whatever threat had begun to mount outside, the world seemed to have stopped, and whether this was an illusion or not, my brother seemed to need the chance to regroup. Transferring my grip, I clung onto the seams in the stonework while Robin paced closer to Monica and crouched beside her. His fingertips swept away the locks of her hair which had fallen onto her face, revealing a sleeping fallen angel.

“You both have made this infinitely more difficult for us, I hope you know,” he said. Standing first to gather my sword, he tossed it to me, seeming apathetic as to whether I actually caught it or not. I freed a hand to capture it, nearly losing my footing in the process once more. “I’m partly of the mind to leave you both to whatever finds you.”

As Robin lifted Monica’s limp body into his arms, I fumbled to secure my sword at my hip again. “She hardly asked to be drained,” I said. “Though it seems I have your turncoat paramour to thank for that.”

“Please don’t. Not now. We have more immediate concerns than Patrick.” The way he weighed me when our eyes met again suggested a different form of exasperation with my response than his answer might have indicated. What it was, however, I lacked the mental facilities to decipher. He carried Monica closer to where I stood, pivoting to offer his shoulder. “Hold on tight. We need to be swift and have lost the ability to be as quick about this as I would’ve liked.”

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