Monica Alexander

Monica Elizabeth Alexander

Aliases: None
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Vital Details

Height: 5’3″
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown/Blonde
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Creature Type: Human

Birthdate: August 4, 1960
Astrological Sign: Leo
Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Parents: Malcolm Davies
Kaylee Alexander
Siblings: Lydia Davies
Employer: The Supernatural Order
Career(s): Sorceress

Skills/Abilities: Trained in Arcane Magic
Graduate of the Supernatural Order’s ‘Watcher’ program.
Novice-level knife skills.
Education: Supernatural Order
Personality Traits: Impulsive and, at times, reckless, she is also intelligent and a keen magical student, exceeding the expectations of her teachers at the Supernatural Order with her drive and dedication. Monica is, however, not a company woman.

Favorite Color(s): Gold, Blue
Favorite Music: Classic Rock, 70s Pop
Favorite Musicians: Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Prince, Stevie Nicks
Favorite Foods: Coffee and Pizza


A History, in Brief

Born in Seattle Washington on August 4, 1960, Monica is the only child of Kaylee Alexander and the younger of two daughters for Malcolm Davies. Her father, a widower, met her mother after the catastrophic death of his first wife, at the hands of vampires. As such, his indoctrination into the Supernatural Order, a body of vampire hunters, not only fit, but struck the fancy of Kaylee, who was herself the daughter of the Order’s Presiding Elder, James.

This is the family Monica had been born into. As such, there were expectations placed on Monica’s shoulders nearly from the start. Her older half-sister, Lydia Davies, was the preferred and pampered daughter, and upon reaching the age of sixteen, was bestowed with the ability to become a sorceress. Monica, however, disappointed her family when she was not naturally born with supernatural gifts. When she received her talents, through the same ritual which gave them to her older sister, she stole an additional gift, eager to impress her distant family.

Slowly becoming disenchanted with the Order and its status quo, grief-stricken over the death of her sister, and growing into the kind of woman willing to take charge and often damn the consequences, Monica took it upon herself to capture and reform the vampire Flynn. (While careful not to tell him about her link to the deceased Lydia.)

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