The Supernatural Order


It was the thing of legends, and had nobody been around to see it, it might have been easily dismissed as myth. But the moment Killian O’Cearnaigh and Raulin Mallowburne met on the battlefield, the world around them changed forever. It wasn’t the first time a vampire had ever clashed with a human, or a warrior against an evil magician. But Killian was no ordinary warrior, and Raulin no ordinary vampire.

Raulin had managed the impossible. He had merged magic and immortality for the first time and brought with him an ensemble of sycophants all eager for the eternal kiss. A small band of human sorcerers were left to defend the human populace against this new breed of bloodthirsty killers. The battle seemed over before it began, the villains outnumbering the champions and spreading out like a wild fire. If it hadn’t been for the intervention of The Fates, the balance of the world could have easily been off-set.

But Killian O’Cearnaigh had been chosen to be their defender. A field worker in the rural Irish countryside, he was discovered by a band of these sorcerers, following a premonition given to them that their salvation laid in the young, hardworking man. The journey from Ireland to mainland Europe turned Killian from an ordinary human into a supernaturally-gifted fighter.

And thus was the first seer born.

The small band of sorcerers defeated Raulin and his disciples. Those not slaughtered scattered to the four winds and formed a new vampire bloodline, hidden among their older brethren. In the deep breath which followed, Killian and the spellcasters still alive formed a group dedicated to the protection of humanity against their new vampire adversaries. And while the mainland hosted their first headquarters, the Supernatural Order eventually established a more permanent home in the middle of London, England.


The Supernatural Order which existed in the 1980s had changed dramatically over the course of the nine hundred years preceding. The office in London established local councils in larger cities where vampire populations existed. When the European explorers and immigrants crossed the Atlantic, so did the Order. The discovery of a ley line in the western United States led to the formation of a Seattle Headquarters, which works in tandem with its foreign, original counterpart.

The geographic locations were not the only thing about the Order to change. Their hierarchical structure evolved as well, and what had been one seer and a band of sorcerers became a whole complement of warriors. Seers would be given sorceresses as companions, these gifted women bestowed the title of watcher. And while the sorcerers would remain a fixture, they all would report to a Council of elders – seven men and women assigned with the task of supervising their entire operation.

Beyond the High Councils, seers, and sorcerers, aids, archivists, and a host of ordinary humans charged with handling their day-to-day operations would come into their employ. Two small schools would instruct the younger psychics unable to integrate with the human populace. Thus, by the time a vampire assassin became the terror of Philadelphia, Seattle and London would host two well-oiled machines, attuned to any vampire disturbances under their watch.


The vampires themselves had changed as well, though. While practitioners of the same magic Raulin wielded would remain a constant, just as many – if not more – of Raulin’s children would reject his ways. Whether or not this was because of the supervision of the Order, the vampires themselves became a governing body, ill-equipped to handle when a practitioner grew to enormous power and authority, but able to teach the dangers of going down such paths. With Raulin’s gift came a curse; those turned of his bloodline might be able to wield the dark arts, but doing so sent the magician into a downward spiral of addiction. Death at the hands of the Order was an imminent certainty.

It seemed to be the check in the natural order. The humans had their champions and the vampires, their agents of chaos. Raulin’s immortals existed just as much to keep the Order in line as it was the other way around. Whenever one side grew to more prominence, the other would rise up until the balance was established again, and so it was for nine centuries.

By the 1980s, though, the devils and miscreants were far outnumbered by those simply taking life and giving immortality to those deemed worthy. Raulin’s children were allowed to hunt the human populace so long as they did not seek out its extinction or look to usurp the human’s dominion over them. In turn, Killian’s champions were commanded to leave the vampires alone unless they overstepped their boundaries. An animosity had grown between the two, however, and while the rank-and-file of immortal kind kept to themselves, their more pernicious brethren lingered in the shadows, plotting.

Just as a series of plans began to take shape, though, The Fates threw in another wild card, one which could be claimed by either side, or none at all. In January of 1983, a would-be seer named Peter Dawes was turned immortal before he could realize his supernatural calling. The Order faced either embracing or reviling the new-found addition to their roster.

The vampires, in turn, saw their deliverance… and would seek to claim him for their own.

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