The Works of P. W. Davies

Several years ago, my editor – J. R. Wesley – and I collaborated on a series of stories, centered around a cast of characters I would later adopt and include in both The Vampire Flynn Series and Deathspell. Over time, though, writing about their intimate affairs became more difficult in the context of these books and as the characters have grown, so have the number of tales we have to tell about them.

So, we decided one day to have a little fun with it.

P. W. Davies was born as our joint effort to bring these tales to life. Some of the books we’ll be writing involve alternate versions of our original casts – humans, if you will, instead of vampires. Other ones will feature romantic outtakes from their lives, and some might not be about any of them at all. One thing’s for certain, though: these books are guaranteed to be steamy, sensual, and geared toward tugging at your heartstrings.


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