Freebie Stories

Sometimes, I post story snippets and outtakes on my blog for your general enjoyment. This page gathers them all together in one happy little home. Besides the posts below, I have samples of my published works on Wattpad, which are able to be downloaded through the Wattpad app.

This past summer, I also posted snippets of four unfinished stories for my readers to vote on which I would finish first. You can read the portions I shared below, and vote on what stories you liked best by filling out this survey. (Don’t worry, it has the option to be totally anonymous.) I’ll keep what I post online until I publish the winning manuscript.

So, read them now while the getting’s good. 😉


The Summerpalooza Master List

Project One: The Shadow Fox Chronicles

Also available on Wattpad.

Andy Lane is a regular human and blogger for the Philadelphia Inquirer, covering the philanthropic exploits of Philly’s new, out-and-proud vampire population. When there’s a string of suspicious murders, the media eye focuses on the immortal populace, but the mysterious disappearance of his roommate’s fiancee points to something much more diabolical. Andy goes in search of the truth, while his friend, Scott, races to find Melissa. As their worlds converge, however, the result could impact not just the duo, but shape the course of the entire city.

Updated every Tuesday

Project Two: Good Charlotte Walker

Also available on Wattpad

What starts as a one night stand turns into a messy entanglement for art student, Charlotte Walker. When a wolfen prince determines she was destined to be his mate, the political struggle which surrounds his people will put this to the challenge, forcing enigmatic Corbyn Marchand to protect Charlotte against the rivals who want him dead. The ensuing conflict pits would-be lovers against each other, forcing them to figure out not just how to work together, but how to make it to the end of a whirlwind month alive.

Updated every Wednesday

Project Three: In the Den of Sirens

Available exclusively on Wattpad (Follow the link to read it.)

Set over the course of his first seventy years as a vampire, the story of Michael O’Shane reveals both the immortal experience and the trials and tribulations of heartbreak. Traveling to St. Louis, Missouri in the 1950s, Michael seeks to reconcile the decades of his immortal life, starting a journey of self-exploration under the guidance of fellow vampire, Alphonse Pruitt. The lessons he learns at the hand of the skilled dominant promise to help put the pieces back together, but can Michael allow himself to be broken first before he figures out how to mend?

NSFW. Updated every Thursday

Project Four: Hand of Fate

Years after his sister, Birgit, is sent to a special boarding school, Julian Reichlin learns the truth about his eccentric sibling. A talented sorceress, Birgit works for a secret organization called the Supernatural Order, and catching up with her also reveals a hidden calling Julian himself has unknowingly carried. When his psychic gifts come to light, he and his sister join forces, but the machinations of a dark magician named Jasper Ashcroft await the duo as they set out on their first mission.

Updated every Friday

I’ve Released a New Book

It’s funny, but days like today fail to lose their luster with me regardless of how many books I’ve released to this point. Finishing a novel is such a satisfying achievement and makes me feel like it’s Reverse Christmas when I get to unleash it onto the world. Sort of… Continue reading

The Long Road Home

The fourth book of the Vampire Flynn Series, Divided By Night, is scheduled for release on December 29, 2015. In it, we see the world as it is ten years after Fate of the Seer, but the road to our story contains many different people with many tales in their own right…. Continue reading

Regarding Timothy – Robin’s Journal

Another entry taken from the vampire Robin’s journal. The Journal of Michael O’Shane October 12, 1982 At times when the world seems in tumult, I find myself revisiting the past. Demetrius claims this to be a fault of mine, but I can’t seem to resist it. Passing my century mark… Continue reading

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

Good Hallow’s Eve, friends, and welcome to after hours. (Or what we vampires commonly refer to as our morning.) As a little bonus to the Dark and Stormy Night submissions my fellow wordsmiths have been penning for you, the spirit moved me to write my own while I was doing… Continue reading

The Bar at the End of the Alley

In the spirit of celebrating a brand new Vampire Flynn site, what do you say we check in on our old friend Andy Lane? You might recognize him from this story. My, my, curiosity did almost kill the reporter… The first clue should’ve been the five o’clock shadow, but when… Continue reading

The Vampire Murders – Pt. 5 of 5

Part Five – A Dance With the Devil Story Beginning If not for the excruciating pain in his arm, Martin Sanchez might have almost believed he was dreaming. The knife pinning him to the wall made the most compelling case that this was no dream, though. The blood trickling down… Continue reading

The Vampire Murders – Pt. 4 of 5

Part Four – Finding a Ghost Story Beginning Hanging a map of Philly had required removing a few pictures from the wall, but Martin couldn’t be bothered to care. Hand clutching onto a notebook, his eyes jumped from the page to the pins he’d positioned across the metropolis, a frown… Continue reading

Zen and Inevitable Destiny

“It’s all connected, Reese.” If you’re at all familiar with Damian Lewis, you might recognize that quote. If you’re not familiar with either, it comes from a show he had starred in a few years ago, called Life. In it, he played a police officer who turns to Zen after being… Continue reading

Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Hello again, Ladies and Gentlemen, and thank you for joining me again. While I am used to being the one who gives interviews on this blog, today I’m the one being interviewed. The awesome, 80s hair metal werewolf-loving author David Jon Fuller asked me to be a part of this. It’s… Continue reading

The Vampire Murders – Pt. 3 of 5

Part Three – The Red-Headed Woman Story Beginning The Feds only glanced at the case once before dismissing altogether. Martin remembered sitting in the corner of the room, drinking coffee as the FBI agent shrugged off Carl Powers. “You’re looking for a serial killer when there’s nothing to support the… Continue reading