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The Vampire Flynn Series are available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers. Below is a look into each of the books published so far, made available through Wattpad. You can follow Peter there for excerpts from his other works.

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Novel Samples

Eyes of the Seer

The first book of a three-part story arc, EotS traces the descent of man into monster, until a supernatural calling wakes Peter from the shroud of the assassin Flynn. The excerpt below encompasses Chapters 1-9 of EotS.

Rebirth of the Seer

The second part of a three novel story arc, RotS traces the further evolution of the seer Peter as he becomes both the hunter and the hunted. A preview of this book is also available on Scribd. The excerpt below is Chapter Seven.

The following is an escape scene from Chapter Nine, taking place in Philadelphia’s own 30th Street Station.

Hunting on Halloween

A short story written about the vampires Flynn and Robin. A night out on the town, on the most auspicious of evenings.

Fate of the Seer

The Prologue of the third Flynn book shows the Black Rose Assassin on a fateful mission for his maker, Sabrina.

Divided By Night

The first installment of the next trilogy. When his daughter, Lydia, delivers a fateful message, Peter fears the past has come back to haunt him.

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