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At some point, the act of blogging will become natural to me, which given the fact that I’ve maintained blogs for ten years, probably means never. But I can dream, right? When I’m quiet here, that usually means I’m busy with manuscript production, but at the same time, there’s news to be shared and announcements to be made, so without further ado, I bring…



Now, we have entered the season for pumpkin spice everything, which is admittedly my favorite time of year. Not necessarily for the sheer quantity of gourd that is being shoved at everyone, but because it’s Autumn. And Autumn means Halloween. (Try not to be too surprised that an author of vampire books loves Halloween.) It also means NaNoWriMo is around the corner, and regardless of how other authors might view that, I love it. I get a huge amount of rough, first draft material out in one month.

Then, my brain leaks out of my ears and renders me catatonic until January. But Christmas could be partly to blame for that.

There’s a lot happening before and after that happens, though, so here we go, now in bullet point format!

  • Holy Bestselling Author, Batman

In case you didn’t know, I was part of a collection of books called Pandora, which had an amazing two month run on the various e-publishing platforms. Of most note is the fact that we hit #32 on Amazon, and made it onto the USA Today Bestsellers list. I want to thank Rebecca Hamilton and everyone else who was a part of that amazing experience. There’s a whole lot more of you guys reading The Vampire Flynn because of it and it makes me excited to write more for you all.


  • Fate of the Seer

In that light, if you haven’t picked up the third book in the series – Fate of the Seer – then this is a prime time for you to do so, especially if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. It will be available on KU only for another few weeks, and then we’re taking it out of the KDP Select program. It’ll still be available on Amazon, but not part of the lending library any longer.

The good news is, that means if you’re a Nook, iTunes, or Kobo reader, it’ll be available for you guys in November. And for our Kindle fans, we’re going out with a bang. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter, because you’ll find out when we do our last promotional hurrah for Amazon.

  • The Future of the Flynn Series

Yes, the Flynn series will continue, and the website will talk more about that, but I have begun work on book four – which is tentatively titled The Immortal Seer. Books 1-3 are the original trilogy I wrote, and four picks up ten years later, when things get dicey in Peter’s world again. We don’t have a release date set yet for that, but will keep you posted with taunts and teasers.


Okay, I admit I included that gif image solely to stare at Elijah Mikaelson, but there’s a breadcrumb here, too. A new character looming on the horizon, mayhap? Somebody who might be kindred to a vampire like Elijah? Might be a friend, but might be a foe? Time will tell.


  • Progress on the Deathspell Books

We hope to have the first part in the Deathspell novella series out for you before Christmas. There’s a cover reveal and more information coming on that soon. Do you have a blog that does cover reveals and release day blasts? Let me know. I would love to take over for the day.

  • Miscellany

If you’re a NaNoWriMo participant, then let’s be buddies! This is my NaNo profile.

I’m increasing my in-person appearances in the coming months. More to follow!

That’s all for now. Happy Halloween, friends, fiends, gals, and ghouls! I hope to be in touch before then, but in case I’m not, make sure to incite mischief and wreak terror in my name. Flynn will highly approve.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Writer of Stuff,

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Peter Dawes is the pen name of USA Today bestselling author of dark and historical fantasy, Connor Peterson. Local to the Philadelphia, PA area, Connor is the wordsmith behind the Vampire Flynn and Deathspell series and has also contributed to the story cycle Red Phone Box (published by Ghostwoods Books) and the anthology Nocturnal Embers (published by Crimson Melodies Publishing). He is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community, an active participant in the Philadelphia writing community, and volunteers as a municipal liaison for National Novel Writing Month. While Peter Dawes is also the name of the fictional protagonist of the Vampire Flynn books, Connor assures the reader he is not now, nor has he ever been a vampire. (Any similarities are purely coincidental.) You can follow him on Twitter (@peterdawes) and Facebook (@AuthorPeterDawes), where he actively avoids being on time for any of his publication deadlines.

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