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Romance might be a new passion for USA Today bestselling author, Connor Peterson, but he’s always enjoyed a good love story. Getting to blend that with his already-existing fire for the supernatural, Connor’s embarked on a new phase in his career which has involved both crafting new tales and reinventing old ones.

Formerly writing under the name Peter Dawes, Connor decided to shed his pseudonym and has now begun publishing under his real name. While the reasons for having a pen name were important in the past, coming out as a member of the transgender community has given him the opportunity to be an outspoken proponent for queer-driven stories. So, in 2019, he decided to retire his old persona, allowing Peter to simply be a character in his own world again. (Peter had formerly been the first-person POV protagonist of the now-retired Vampire Flynn Series.)

Now, Connor crafts LGBTQ+ Historical and Urban Fantasy, with Dark Romantic twists. In his Beyond Fate universe, we meet vampires, werewolves, and sorcerers; with the intention, in the future, of the fae and succubae being added to the world. Each set of tales uncovers another corner of an involved network of strange creatures, all part of a tenuous co-existence. Sometimes they’re at odds. Sometimes, they’re in love. And other times, they’re both.

On a Personal Note…

Connor is the father of four awesome kids, who all encourage him along the way. They’re just as kooky and eccentric as he is, if not more so. He works with editor and author J. R. Wesley, and together they manage both Crimson Melodies Publishing and the pseudonym P. W. Davies, co-writing Romantic Suspense and Paranormal Romance with their Lovers Rush and Crescent Kingdom series. Both also serve as Philadelphia-area Municipal Liaisons for NaNoWriMo and are active members of the Philly chapter of the RWA.

You can find Connor on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as @AuthorConnorP. His kids have repeatedly tried to explain Snapchat to him, but he can’t ever seem to get the hang of it. He has been told, though, that his gif game is strong on social media, which he considers to be proof that he isn’t getting old yet. Connor also speaks fluent meme and knows a John Mulaney quote for nearly every situation.

He is available for book signings and readings; and has participated in many different convention panel discussions concerning topics like LGBTQ+ issues in media and various aspects of the writing process. You can contact Connor through this form, or message him on any of his social media accounts. To keep up-to-date with his list of convention and book signing appearances, please consider signing up for his mailing list.

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