Get a Free Story Collection!

When I attend conventions and signings, I always offer the people visiting our table the chance to purchase things we call ‘chapbooks’. These pamphlets are outtakes and short stories that take place in the Beyond Fate Universe.

And you can download them for free.

I only have one thing I ask of you, and that’s for you to sign up for my online mailing list first.

That’s it!

What’s more, I’ll only send out e-newsletters every few weeks, so there’s no risk of you getting spammed by me.

    Featured Stories Include:

  • Hunting on Halloween – a vampire hunt, featuring characters from the Immortal Paradox Series.
  • Coffee Shop Conversations – a sweet male/male romantic story. (also, you can preview this story just by clicking on the link.)
  • The Lady Eleanor – a more historical vampire tale, set mostly in the 1920s.
  • Love Sick Blues – a romantic drama which ties into my Nocturnal Embers story.
  • From Worlds Apart – a romantic, historical drama; also, an outtake from the Ascendant Series.
  • A Rendezvous With Death – prologue to a book no longer in print, but it ties into the Immortal Paradox Series.


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